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2019-12-13 02:42

The weapons problem is pervasive. Not only can't the department locate all its guns, it can't even get rid of guns long considered obsolete. The Park Police still has 20 M1 Garand rifles, which was the standardissue rifle for GIs in World War II and Korea, and four Prohibitionera Thompson Tommy machine guns.The US Park Police lost track of hundreds of handguns, rifles, machine guns and shotguns, some of which were being stored in officers homes, a new Inspector Generals report found. Investigators also discovered that 1, 400 guns intended for destruction were instead stored in Park Police facilities, and at least 198 handguns donated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had not been properly us park police guns

(Courtesy of U. S. Park PoliceCourtesy of U. S. Park Police) October 25, 2017 Email the author. A police stop of a vehicle speeding across the Kutz Bridge at the Tidal Basin led authorities to a cache of drugs and weapons, including two long rifles, drugs and ammunition, according to law enforcement authorities.

mp5, 9mm, 10mm, m16, rilfe im not 100 aure A good friend of mine is a Park Ranger, and his department issued handgun is a Sig 220 in. 45 caliber. US Park Police were called out to clear the Occupy DC encampment in 2012. They have riot gear, SWAT teams and similar armaments to other law enforcement agencies.us park police guns Feb 13, 2019  The guns were found in various locations throughout the house, police said. North Metro Atlanta SWAT attempted to serve an arrest and search warrants on Roach at the Osborne Park

Jun 28, 2013 The Park Police has more guns than it knows, is missing guns it didn't know it had, is reporting guns missing that aren't, and is flush with more powerful guns than it needs and with guns that are useless for its enforcement. us park police guns The good news is that the United States Park Police is a fairly small organization, a branch of the government with about 600 officers. This is good news because the agency seemingly has no idea how many guns it has, or where those guns are, or what happened to the guns

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