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Ashtabula police codes

2019-12-13 15:14

Buckeye Sheriffs Codes Buckeye Sheriffs Codes Signals CODES: OHSP CODES 1 Out of service 38 Lunch 73 Prisoner 2 In Service 39 Location 74 Incarceration 3 Out of Service, subject to call 40 Emergency 75 Wanted personfelony Columbus Police Ten Codes 101 In Service 102 Out of Service 103 Officer in TroubleSfc Davis is with Jackie Bailey and 46 others at City of Ashtabula Police Department. August 29, 2017 Ashtabula, OH Tomorrow there will be a military and police support run. ashtabula police codes

Ashtabula Police Frequencies. If available, see below for a list of known police frequencies for Ashtabula, Ohio. Or, navigate to another city or town within Ashtabula County, to view the local police frequencies.

ashtabula county ohio radio scanner frequencies. Have information about monitoring Ashtabula County? Click Here to EMail the Webmaster Live Feed Listing for Ashtabula County Ashtabula and East Geauga Counties Public Safety Also covering eastern lake county lake county sheriff Madison police Madison twp, , , concord fire leroy fire perry fire and Madison fire: Public Safety 37ashtabula police codes A complete list of all known radio communications data for Ashtabula County, Ohio (OH) All Identified Frequencies in Ashtabula County, Ohio (OH) Login Register Mobile Help

Ashtabula City Police Ch. 5: FM: Law Tac: 155. : KQB741: RM: 1 RAN: Conneaut PD: Conneaut Police Dispatch: NXDN: Law Dispatch: 155. : KDX522: BM: 192. 8 PL: Geneva PD 1: Geneva Police: FM: Law Dispatch: 155. : KSM902: BM: Geneva PD 3: Geneva Police Channel 3: FM: Law Tac: 154. : KBG277: BM: 192. 8 PL: GenOTL PD 1: Geneva on the Lake Police (Simulcast of ashtabula police codes Ashtabula County Scanner Frequencies (OH) Scanner frequencies for Ashtabula County OH Have an update or correction? Please mention it on our Forums Click here to see FCC frequency listings for Ashtabula County OH Color Legend: BlueMotorola, GreenLTR, YellowEDACS Scroll down to see services other than PoliceFireEMS Contact Information: City of Ashtabula Police Department Chief Robert Stell 110 West 44th Street, Ashtabula, OH Emergency Calls Local 911 or Scanner Frequencies for Ashtabula Ashtabula county OH US. The radio website that doesn't support communism. Scroll down to see services other than PoliceFireEMS. Area Frequencies. Freq PLM Ty Input InpPL Channel Notes; 154. 130: Fire Disp. 154. 205: Fire Disp. 154. 280: Fire Disp. kettering police radio system photos knox county codes& signals: (these are the same as bssa codes& signals with the following additions) signals codes 0 fire is out 28a working fire 19a contact gas company 28b fire under control 19b contact electric company 68 mental disorder 19c contact phone company 70 burns (degree& ) 27a contact doctor (name) 72 fracture (what) 27b contact hospital

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