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Good thai restaurant names

2019-12-11 16:19

When it comes to great restaurant names, true beauty is in the Thai of the beholder. The key is to Thai one on for size and see how it feels. Once you've tested the name and asked you're closest friends for their approval, you're officially ready to Thai the knot.Aug 13, 2008 Best Answer: Thaiorama Thaitanic Bow Thai Thai Again Thaiphoon The Noodle Box Wokked Up good thai restaurant names

Some Thai restaurant names are especially germane to Washington. You could open Consthaitution in DC and have Supreme Court justice menu specials like Clarence Thaimas, Sonia Sothaimayor, Anthainin Scalia, and Anthainy Kennedy.

A List Of Thai Restaurant Names. Around the corner from my apartment, theres a Thai restaurant called Thai Thank You. Its like Bye, thank you, except Thai Thank You, a pun on a common phrase, one youd probably receive as you left Thai Thank You, thus adding to the humor. Here is a list of other suitable names for a Thai restaurant. Jan 21, 2013 And really, some generic name like Spice, or whatever herb, or regional name is not going to attract me. It really has to do with quality food and service and nice understated tastedesign. You could name it Jim Bob's Bean Hut, and if it's still good enough to get word of mouth around, then that's what'll get people in.good thai restaurant names When it comes to puns, Thai restaurants are a goldmine. We asked for your help on Facebook in creating the best Thai restaurant names and you didnt disappoint! Introducing our top 10 Thai restaurant names that need to exist as suggested by you!

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