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2019-12-07 09:00

Police officer writes off loaned 40k Volkswagen Golf in Trafford Park testdrive crash. A GMP officer was trialling the Volkswagen Golf R which has a top speed of 155mph on a public road at 2am. But he lost control of the vehicle after skidding at a roundabout in Wharfside Way, Trafford Park, and had to be rescued by firefighters. Share.We cant really imagine a Volkswagen Golf R having quite the same effect, although the Kia Stinger used by police forces in Queensland and Western Australia could be a challenger. golf r police car

Oettinger VW Golf 400R Is a Nightmare Police Car. Most police cars in Germany are of the 110 HP Golf or 125 HP Passat variety. However, every year, a crazy contraption comes out of the infamous TUNE IT! SAFE! collaborative program between the law and aftermarket specialists. As you can probably tell by looking at its headlights,

Feb 12, 2018 Thanks for that link. Ill check them out also. Never heard of J hooked before. But good link for lots of things also. Have you personally used these discs on a SciroccoR front and rear? What pads did you use with them please? The car chosen to promote the campaign for safe tuning in 2018 is a VW Golf R extensively modified by German aftermarket specialist Oettinger.golf r police car With a 370hp Hemi and upgraded brakes and suspension, this is the cop car you dont want to tangle withit holds the record for fastest lap in Michigan State Police testing at Grattan Raceway.

Mar 30, 2018 CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS GOLF R v BMW M235i Duration: Volkswagen Golf R versus Seat Leon Cupra 280 which is fastest? POLICE Chase with Audi American Sirens Duration: golf r police car Replacing the ageing Crown Vic, this Charger was built with feedback from actual police officers in the States, and is a working, badgeholding, reallife police car. Suddenly, with lights flashing and siren wailing, the police car roared ahead at full speed over the snow. I didn't even look in the mirror; my adrenalin soared and my focus sharpened.

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