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Jamalpur police station burdwan

2019-12-07 09:35

Police station. Jamalpur police station has jurisdiction over Jamalpur CD Block. The area covered is 267. 89 km 2. CD block HQ. The headquarters of Jamalpur CD block are located at JamalpurThis Police Station is mixed populated. Both Hindu and Muslim community people are residing in the area very peacefully with harmony. Most of the people of this PS area depend on cultivation. jamalpur police station burdwan

Jamalpur Police Station, Burdwan Indian post office is located in Jamalpur Police Station, Burdwan, NA, Burdwan, Bardhaman. Bardhaman is one of the famous district in WEST BENGAL state. We have marked the location of Jamalpur Police Station, Burdwan on Google map.

Purba Bardhaman District Police will always ensure keeping with the promise of 'Good Governance' and 'CitizenCentric' policing system. People of Burdwan can now report several types of crimes online, which shall directly be forwarded to the concerned senior police officers. PURBA BARDHAMAN DISTRICT POLICE. CONTROL ROOM 0342. PBX Purba Bardhaman Police Dist. Jamalpur PS: : Raina PS: : Khandaghosh PS: : Madhabdihi PS: : : Montsewar PS: 0342: Nadanghat PS: : Women PS Burdwanjamalpur police station burdwan How can the answer be improved?

Subdivision: Burdwan Sadar (North) Police Station Blocks Municipality Municipal Corporation Panchayat Municipality Municipal corporation (word No. ) jamalpur police station burdwan List of all Police Stations in Bardhaman District (Burdwan). Contact Number, All Police Station list in Bardhaman District All Police Station Contact Numbers

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