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Dupont wrestler police standoff

2020-01-18 05:37

Dupont Heir Arrested, Charged in Murder of Olympic Wrestling Champion. lived on the estate with his wife, Nancy, and two children. He also coached the wrestling team that du Pont founded and sponsored, Team Foxcatcher, which trained in a 14, 000foot, 600, 000 center on the grounds of the estate. the police said, du Pont decided to go toDUPONT A standoff ended with a man taken to the hospital in Luzerne County. Police were called to Lackawanna Avenue in Dupont around 4 p. m. Sunday for a domestic dispute. dupont wrestler police standoff

Eccentric millionaire John du Pont fashioned himself as a wrestling coach and benefactor until his arrest for killing Olympian Dave Schultz at the Foxcatcher Farm estate in January 1996.

John du Pont, the chemical fortune heir who killed an Olympic gold medalwinning wrestler at his palatial estate near Philadelphia, died Thursday after being found unresponsive in his prison cell. PHILADELPHIA A tense 48hour standoff between police and a millionaire accused of killing an Olympic wrestler ended Sunday when the heir to the du Pont fortune was captured as he tried to restore heat to his chilled mansion.dupont wrestler police standoff The capture ended a standoff that police said began Friday afternoon with du Pont shooting Olympic gold medalist and former University of Oklahoma wrestler Dave Schultz, who was living on du Pont

John du Pont, in full John Eleuthre du Pont, (born November 22, 1938, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U. S. died December 9, 2010, Somerset, Pennsylvania), American philanthropist who supported amateur freestyle wrestling and who on January 26, 1996, shot and killed freestyle wrestler Dave Schultz, an Olympic gold medalist who lived and trained at du Ponts estate. dupont wrestler police standoff The New York Times focused on the standoff in its Jan. 27 article titled DuPont Accused of a Killing Holds Off Police at His Home and opened with the fact that dozens of police officers had Du Pont fled and holed himself up in his 44room mansion for two days, prompting a standoff with the cops. Only when the police turned off the houses heating and tricked him into coming to look Wrestler's Widow Settles Big. had been training at the wrestling facility on the compound where du Pont lived. Police arrested du Pont after a twoday standoff. The security chief was sitting in the passenger seat of du Pont's car when du Pont fired three bullets into Schultz. Police did not establish a motive. Schultz had worked with du Pont to coach the wrestling

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