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Moto restaurant closing

2019-12-13 20:34

Share Alinea Group Buys Moto Restaurant 9 Months After Homaro Cantu's Death [Updated tweet share Pocket Flipboard Email. Another Jewish Deli Is Closing in Chicago. By Daniel Gerzina.Jan 22, 2016 Moto closing Feb. 14; business sold to Alinea Group Abel Uribe Chicago Tribune Moto restaurant, pictured last April after the death of founding chef Homaro Cantu, will close in February. moto restaurant closing

Moto Restaurant Sold to Alinea Group After Chef Homaro Cantu's Death Cantus wife and current owner of Moto Restaurant, Katie McGowan, called the decision bittersweet

THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED Moto Restaurant Review: MOTO'S LAST NIGHT OF SERVICE WAS FEBRUARY 14, 2016 Moto breaks all the rules, blazing trails that are both uncharted and titillating for those who view dining as a theatrical, multisensory affair. Dinner and a show in one place You won't need to go out after dinner at moto and you probably won't have time anyhow! This is a dining experience . Be prepared for an allevening affair to be savored, course by course.moto restaurant closing 4: 00pm Close All dinner entrees are served with mushrooms, fried rice, zucchini& onions (sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds), and a house salad with your choice of shrimp sauce or ginger dressing.

It is clear that they are closing the restaurant in two weeks and that the executive chef is no longer there. Sadly he killed himself last year and it must be hard to continue his vision of excellence without him. I dined at Moto several years ago and it was an incredible experience. moto restaurant closing Moto was a molecular gastronomy restaurant in the Fulton River District of Chicago, Illinois known for creating hightech dishes which incorporate elements such as carbonated fruit, edible paper, lasers, and liquid nitrogen for freezing food. Moto Restaurant, the acclaimed Chicago eatery that was helmed by the late chef Homaro Cantu, is closing its doors. Katie McGowan, Cantu's wife and business partner, announced the news Friday evening. Alinea owners Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas are in the process of purchasing the space and will open a new restaurant. Apr 14, 2015 Last month, Cantu was sued by an investor in Moto and another restaurant, iNG, that has closed.

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