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2020-01-21 12:21

Dec 28, 2018  We had dinner in Graanmarkt 13. This is without any doubt the worst restaurant in Antwerp. Interior in nice, lovely terrace outside Food: starter a salad, main dish might have been a mini fish and lotsssss of vegetables.Graanmarkt 13 is a special house in Antwerp, where each floor tells a different story. Founded by Ilse Cornelissens and Tim Van Geloven, it's a crossover place full of surprises. graanmarkt 13 restaurant

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Graanmarkt 13 A special house, where every floor tells a story. Restaurant, shop and apartment all under one roof in Antwerp. graanmarkt13. comshop 29 reviews of Graanmarkt 13 Seppe Nobels Best Junior Chef of Belgium in 2005 is a student of Wout Bru and now heads his own terroir cuisine with influences from France, Italy and Japan. Try one of his tasting menu's& enjoy!graanmarkt 13 restaurant For Graanmarkt 13, Seppe transforms the daily harvest of locally sourced fresh ingredients, Graanmarkt rooftop herbs and honey into generous dishes. His uncomplicated, honest and healthy kitchen was voted the Best Vegetable restaurant 2015 from Flanders by 'We're Smart Green Guide

Graanmarkt 13 Graanmarkt 13, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium Rated 4. 5 based on 266 Reviews The food was good, unfortunately we expected more excellence and graanmarkt 13 restaurant Travel Gallery Hotel Restaurant; Graanmarkt 13 Antwerp, Belgium. Scroll. Location Antwerp Belgium Words Jessica Jungbauer. Located in the creative surroundings of two theaters, Graanmarkt 13 is an old townhouse in the middle of Antwerp that hosts an apartment, shop, restaurant and gallery under one roof. Graanmarkt 13: Michelin Guide review, users review, type of cuisine, opening times, meal prices. . This is a great place to go to if you need a restaurant that's veganfriendly with meat eaters colleagues. It's often difficult to find something that's appropriate to go to with your boss for example. For that, Graanmarkt 13 is perfect. The staff is very friendly and vegan is known and no problem (they even knew not to include honey). Graanmarkt 13 is a Restaurant, highend concept Store and Apartment in Antwerp, Belgium. It's a special house, a crossover place full of surprises. Graanmarkt 13

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