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Police code 21-57

2019-12-07 08:34

Radio Codes& Signals Indiana. Email us your Radio Codes& Signals or Fleet code Talk Group Updates FORT WAYNE POLICE DEPARTMENT RADIO CODES 1 Meet 45 Neighborhood Trouble 2 Disregard 46 Family Trouble 3 TX 47 Removal Of Articles 4 Police Station 48 Suspicious Person 5 Police Garage 49 Prowler 5F Fire Garage 50 Break In 5GRadio Codes& Signals Nebraska. Email us your Radio Codes& Signals or Fleet code Talk Group Updates. LINCOLN POLICE CODES: 6 Traffic stop 40 Sick person 9 Out of service 41 Fire 11 In service 42 Accident with injuries 12 Lunch 43 Accident with no injuries 13 Call to return 44 Hit& run accident 14 Go to station 45 Reckless police code 21-57

The meaning of Police Code 21 and other Other Police Scanner Codes

Other Police Scanner Codes. These miscellaneous codes may be used by various police departments to communicate more easily over the radio or in documentation. Demmy v. State Police, 611 A. 2d 782 (Pa. Cmwlth. 1992). Cross References. This section cited in 37 Pa. Code 21. 21 (relating to conditions of certification). 21. 12. Classes of agent certification. An applicant may apply for either of the following classifications: (1) Firearms.police code 21-57 Boston Police Radio Codes This page is a compilation of information from around the web and from my having listened myself for several years. This information is provided solely for educational purposes, and with no guarantee of accuracy.

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